Currituck Sound Ferry

When you drive it doesn’t matter whether you’re coming down the causeway road or using Rt. 158/168 on the mainland. You’ll see the blue and white signs for the North Carolina Ferry System. Keep your eyes out for them and you can’t go wrong.

In Virginia, they have posted the signs at both ends of Pungo Ferry Road and at intervals along the way to the island. Once you’re on the island they direct you right to Ferry Landing Road. If they don’t, somebody will be sure to tell you the way.

On Rt. 158/168, watch for them around the town of Currituck. You’re in town when you see the big Texaco and McDonald’s service center. There’s a road that runs behind this service center. It’s the old 158. That’s the road to take to the ferry landing. South of the sevice center is where it meets the main road again.
There are picnic tables at each of the ferry landings. On the island side, you can grab some lunch to go at the Knotts Island Market and eat while you wait. The Dockside Grille is located here too. On the “other” side, McDonald’s makes a pretty good lunch and the Texaco contains a convenience store. The picnic areas have restrooms available.

This is the picnic area on the island side.

The ferry makes its round trip voyage five times a day, seven days a week. The trip is five miles long and takes 45 minutes. 18 cars may board unless there is a truck or school bus in line. Once aboard, passengers are able to leave their vehicles and walk around to enjoy the beautiful view of Currituck Sound. There are two climate controlled lounges and and observation deck. The lounges have vending machines in them and, of course, restrooms.

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