Things That Can Be Done In Knotts Island!

Things That Can Be Done In Knotts Island!

Knotts Island is a beautiful island and small unincorporated community. This island is shared by North Carolina, Virginia, and also Currituck County, which the North Landing River bounds, Currituck Sound, Back Bay, and Knotts Island Bay.

Various events will be held on this island where you can enjoy the event to its fullest. Many places here are worth the visit, and the food is delicious.

Things That Can Be Done In Knotts Island!

Martin Farm and Winery

Martin Farm and Winery is an island that represents Knotts island Bay; it is also a perfect location for a destination wedding. The farm is known chiefly for picking up the Peaches and other quality vegetables and fruits. It is decorated so beautifully that it will be worth the praise.

The Winery will be glad to offer you a variety of sweet wines. The unique peach slushies, kid-friendly beverages, and a small assortment of beer are in season, and these best drinks you could ever taste.


The market is one of the places on Knotts island where you can find anything you need to enjoy your day around Currituck County. It is a place for full-service grocery stores with gas, and when you enter inside, you’ll find several places to explore. One of the favorite places for the localities is either the Knotts Island Ferry or Pungo in Virginia Beach.

The timings of the market depend upon the season, sometimes around 9 to 10 pm is usual, but there will be an early rise in here; typically, they open early each morning for the shift at the time of breakfast.

Barnes Hunting Lodge

Many people know about this place as enjoyment on the beach, a great fishing spot, and wild horse sightings. But did you guys know that this spot is also known for the hunters?

As this island is small, there are many accommodations for the hunters, including Barnes Hunting Lodge and Sandy Point Campground Resort. This place has been open to hunters since the 1920s.

Charles Kuralt Trail

Charles Kuralt Trail, also known as Mackay Island, is in the mid-Atlantic Coastal plain of North Carolina and Virginia; dark backwater and mysterious rivers flow into the sounds contained by the Outer Banks. This place is started to help people while they enjoy these wildlands and to the journalists of the broadcast journalists who have shared some wonders and delights of this place as it is.

Things That Can Be Done In Knotts Island!

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