The Best Of Knotts Island

The Best Of Knotts Island

Knotts Island is one of the major attractions of the North Carolina Coast. It is known for is a small community of residents who have a population of slightly over 2,000. The island is only accessible through the ferries that go back and forth every day. Despite being a place in solitude, Knotts island offers a range of activities for tourists. Here we will discuss some of the major attractions that Knotts Island has to offer.

Mackay Island National Wildlife Refuge

This national wildlife reserve is the best place to go to during your summer vacation. With ample camping opportunities at this spot, you will find several parks, trails, and biking areas that can provide complete hiking and camping opportunities for you.

The Best Of Knotts Island

Martin Farm and Winery

You can explore the Martin Farm located on the island that is open for tourists in all seasons. The best time to come to the farm will be during the times of May through October. You can find grapes and strawberries all around the farm that you are allowed to pluck and eat.

Willowgait Farm

Willowgait Farm is one of the most attractive places on Knotts Island. You can drive around and in between the massive fields of sunflowers. You can also attend the festivals that take place here every year. Moreover, the place also has an art facility where you can attend classes and spend your vacation peacefully.

The Best Of Knotts Island

Fair Winds Farms

You can also tour the Fair Winds Farms, known for providing horseback riding and event spaces. People book the farm to host special occasions like weddings and anniversaries. However, you can expect to find some quality time away from the noise of the cities as long as you are here.

Carova Beach Park

You can plan to bring your own boat to the boat camping site of Carova Beach Park. It is one of the most attractive beaches on the east coast for its beauty and solitude. Take long walks at the beach with your partner with a bottle of the finest locally brewed wine or beer. With a population that low, you will surely find some quality moments.

Black Creek Aviation

The island also has its personal aviation agency that offers helicopter rides around the island. You can take a tour around the island from above with the Black Creek Aviation agency. Check out their website and learn about their plans. They can also pick you up from the other shore and drop you back if you do not want to enjoy the ferry ride.

The Best Of Knotts Island

Carnova Beach

Carova Beach is another popular beach that is known for its sunsets and sunrises. You can spend your entire night here just to capture pictures of the sun. The beach is also a venue for several local music festivals. You can join the local festivals every year and learn about the local culture and people.

The Best Of Knotts Island

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