395 Knotts Island Road

Knotts Island, NC 27950

(252) 429-3305

It's true, that joke that was going around the e-mail circuits. There is a store where you can buy bait and rent a movie at the same time. Knotts Island Market shouldn't be laughed at, though. If it weren't here, we would have to drive about forty minutes to the nearest grocery store that's open seven days a week. If it weren't here, you might've run out of gas and who's going to help you out after you laughed at the market.

The market has as many departments as your local supermarket. There's the groceries, the full service deli, house wares, office supplies, hardware, movie rentals, beer and bait, tackle, automotive, souvenirs, greeting cards, a pizza shop, and probably a couple of things that were overlooked by this list. In the afternoons you can catch a quick game of dominoes and information is handed out pretty freely.

The gas pumps are right out front and there is oil and other fluids inside the store. It wouldn't be a bad idea to fill up while you're here to beat the crowds once you get back on the main road to the Outer Banks. The only credit card they take is Visa and Master Card. There is an ATM machine at the front counter.

You can get a quick meal here: Breakfast. The coffee pots are to your right when you go in and there are usually some sausage biscuits there that you can heat up. Back by the deli are the Entenmann's goodies. Lunch. In the back of the store is a full service deli. You can get some lunch meat, bread and things for a picnic lunch or you can have your sandwiches custom built. There is a full selection of salads and sides also. Dinner. The deli can make a pizza or you can choose items such as chicken or meat loaf and others that have been prepared for the day.

In a hurry? Call the deli with your order and it will be waiting for you when you get here.

The market is open in the mornings around 6. In the summer it closes at 10 and in the winter at 9. It opens 7 days a week. Come in and find what you need to finish your trip.

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