Swan Island Club was founded by a group of hunters from Long Island, New York in November 1870. They were sailing their yacht Anonyona and during a storm, they entered the Currituck Inlet and anchored next to Swan Island in Currituck Sound. They went aground and were not able to get the boat out again. In 1877, it caught fire and burned. They were in need of living quarters, so the members purchased Swan Island and the surrounding marsh and converted Hatfield's farm house into a club house.

This sketch is by Hortense Poyner Parkerson from her book, Swan Island Flyway Stopover.        Click on the image to expand it.

The sketch is courtesy of Jane Brumley, of Knotts Island.

Here is a Google Earth image of Swan Island's location in relation to Knotts Island and the Currituck ferry landing.  Click the image to view it in full size.

Around 1900 the farm house burned. Shortly after that, a new clubhouse was built. In 1910 the second clubhouse burned. The third clubhouse was built in 1913-1914 and is in use today.


This is the club house as it appears from the sound.

For more information about the Swan Island Club, visit the Knotts Island Scrapbook.

Information and photos are courtesy of Daniel O'Neil, Jane Brumley, and Gary Montalbine, of Knotts Island.