Established prior to 1895, the first name of the club was Martin's Point Gun Club, Incorporated.  The original clubhouse was located on the North Carolina Outer Banks in the sand dunes of what is now known as Carova Beach.

It was then named Currituck Sound Shooting Club in 1895 when the property was sold. By then the club owned some 2,000 acres of beach and marshland.  This survey from 1923 shows some extent of the club's land.  Click on the image to expand it.

The survey is courtesy of Rodd Mann, of Knotts Island.

Here is a Google Earth image of the survey.  When compared to the survey, many features have remained the same and Carova Beach has been added to show the relationship to the ocean.  Click the image to view it in full size.

In 1898 the clubhouse was lost in a violent storm that washed over the beach. Several years after the storm the property was purchased by a group of sportsmen from New York and Philadelphia, who in 1905 built this, a new and larger clubhouse on Knotts Island.


After 1909, the name was changed to the Currituck Gunning and Fishing Club. William Henry Bonney White was the Superintendent.  This is the club house as it appears in recent days.  It is now a private residence.

For more information about the Currituck Hunt Club and William Henry Bonney White,
visit the Knotts Island Scrapbook.

Information and photos are courtesy of Brenda Twiford and Gary Montalbine, both of Knotts Island.