Parents as Teachers is an excellent program to get your child started on a lifetime of quality education.

A brief description:

PAT teachers, Sharon Flanaghan and Dawn Madison, work through the elementary school to provide parents of infants through pre-schoolers with some guidance to fully prepare their children for school. 
The program uses home visits to to work with the children and their parents in their own environment.  Parents are shown ideas to instruct their children in the skills that will prepare them for a lifetime of learning.  Next, play groups are scheduled every other week to bring children of various ages together for some interactive play time and socialization.
When the children are of pre-school age, they may come to formal classroom lessons at the school to prepare them for the kindergarten experience.

All of this is free of charge to Knotts Island residents of any income level.

The PAT visits are scheduled at your convenience with the highest regard for your privacy.  The visits are in no way to serve as an evaluation of your home environment, but are only to give the children and parents a comfortable place to participate in PAT activities and exercises.

The play groups are very flexible.  In other words, there is no obligation to attend every one.

It's a fact that the children with parents who are fully involved with their education are far more successful than the children who receive no education from the home.  This is a valuable resource for ALL parents on the island.

 For more information on this wonderful, beneficial program, go the PAT home site.  Click here.