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Here's Mama K in her Pungo by Wilderness Systems.

She paddles the creeks and rivers of St. Mary's County in Southern Maryland.

No. She isn't really paddling in this picture.
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A word from Mama K.

I know what you're thinking.

"Looks like fun. But I don’t like rough water."

"I don’t want to ever roll over – I mean all the way around roll over."

"How can I get my legs into that little hole in the top of the kayak? It’s hard enough to just get in and out of the car!"

"How will I know what to do?"

  Well, my advice is just do it!!

     I grew up on the Delaware River – did a little family canoeing.  I have spent the last 40 years of my life living in the part of Maryland surrounded by the Potomac, Patuxent and the Chesapeake Bay.  I love nature, photography, and the water, but never did much about it. After canoeing with my brother in N.J. one summer I bought a tandem canoe. It was easy to handle in the water solo, but not on dry land. Then “Knotthead”, my son and webmaster of this site, took me kayaking in the marshes of Knotts Island. Such peace, quiet and good exercise. (Exercise – something this 62 year old body needs more of, but doesn’t get!). I was hooked. The next Christmas, Knotthead gave me a wooden kayak paddle.  The rest is history.
     I bought a solo kayak that weighs 41 pounds – even I can lift it up on the boat racks. The cockpit (the hole in the top to get in) is 50 odd inches long. My legs fit with lots of room and I never even banged my knees. Paddles like a dream – smooth, easy and fast.
     Well, it was not so easy the first time I got in. It tipped it on its side in 6 inches of water. I had to bail it out before I could get on my way. That was a day in late January – one of those miracle days in Southern Maryland. The temperature was 82 degrees. It was a great beginning. Changed my life. Gave me more possibilities for adventure and exercise and for sharing life with my adult children and my grandchildren.

Need any more reasons to “just do it”?  Ask me about your concerns.  I can find a solution and get you underway in no time.  Try it.  The only thing you have to lose is your stress. 

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