Knotts Island is surrounded by the Currituck Sound, Knotts Island Bay, and Back Bay. The Mackay Island Wildlife Refuge has 22 miles of canals and ponds as well. This affords canoe and kayak enthusiasts ample opportunity to explore the waterways and view the wilderness.

This page will help experienced paddlers gain a bit of local knowledge and it may give beginners the chance to take up a rewarding pastime. Whether you're in a canoe or a kayak, there is something in here for you


Strike out on your own.
This is the page for those who have their own boats and gear.

Rent yourself some boats.
This is the page for those who can paddle around on their own but need a boat or two while they're away from home.

Hire local knowledge.
This is the page to go to if you need boats and a guide.  You can also find a guide here if you have your own boats but need someone to show you around.



Seniors have a friend here.
Mama K has a page to help senior paddlers get started.  If you've been paddling some already, you can share some of your wisdom to help other readers.


Here is an outfitter to try out.  Bay Trails Outfitters of Matthews, VA is about an hour and a half from here but the drive is worth it.  This is a shop that offers on-site demo's- you must try before you buy.  They have a wide variety of accessories and gear- choose the equipment that's exactly right for you.  They are committed to customer satisfaction and business professionalism- no pressure to buy popular brands over practical items.

Here is a web site to help you get connected with paddlers from all over the world.  It has a buddy page to find paddling partners in your area.  There are lots of user reviews of boats and equipment as well as message boards to get ideas from your new friends.  
This is a paddling club on the Delaware River.  They have ties to the Knotts Island paddling community .  Very organized and active, they have a good collection of canoeing photos.  
Stillwater Touring Company is locally operated.  Currently, they are reorganizing but you should still contact them for information on instruction, tours, and rentals.  

Now you have the links to the tools you need to paddle around the island's waters.  Feel free to contact the site if there is any information we may have missed.

Have a safe trip.



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