The Charles Kuralt Overlook

There are eleven national wildlife refuges and a national fish hatchery in north eastern North Carolina.   In them, the Charles Kuralt Trail has been established to help people enjoy these wild lands and to recognize the broadcast journalist who brought out-of-the-way places like these into our homes by way of national television.  Part of the trail is on Knotts Island at the Mackay Island Wildlife Refuge.  It's in the form of an overlook along the causeway road where visitors can look out over the Great Marsh and view the wildlife that live there.

As you drive down the causeway road toward the island, you'll see this driveway and parking area.  This is the Kuralt Overlook.  Pull in and park in the designated spaces.

You will see this sign at the bottom of the ramp with information on the Kuralt Trail and the wildlife that you are about to see.

At the top of the ramp are telescopes, one for adults and a shorter one for children and people in wheelchairs.  You don't even have to put a quarter in them- just enjoy them as long as you like (with due consideration to other visitors, of course.)  This is the view that you will get, except things in the telescopes are a little bigger.

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