Updated September 11, 2015. Sportsman's Paradise


Scenes along Marsh Causeway

Sportsman's Paradise Bob Jones
Good Morning, Rhonda Harley
Eagles, Genez Malebranche
Osprey, Reese Lukei
Osprey mommy - baby discussion, Bill Niven
Hungry Crow, Osprey, Bill Niven
Baby testing wings. Rhonda Harley
Egret, Larry Caffee
Egret, Ibis paying no mind to each other. Bill Niven
Egret, Bob Jones
Turtles, Bob Jones
Nutria, Bob Jones
Fowlers Toad, Rhonda Harley
Cottonmouth, Larry Caffee
Cottonmouth, Bill Niven
Deer, Tammy Waterfield Stilke
Glossy Ibis, Jane Brumley
Hooded Mergansers, Brenda Twiford
Snow Geese, Bill Niven
Snow Geese, Brenda Twiford
Snow Geese, Bob Jones
Swan, Brenda Twiford
Northern Flicker, Bill Niven
Blue Birds, Bill Niven
Coots, Larry Caffee
Coot, Blue Pete, KI Chicken Rhonda Harley
Black Ducks, Brenda Twiford
Ibis, Michael Hiser
Tri-Colored Heron, Bill Niven
Rail, Brenda Twiford
Red-Tailed Hawk, Bob Jones
Red-Tailed Hawk, Bob Jones
Egret, Immature White Ibis Bill Salisbury
Immature Moorhen Bill Salisbury
Kingfisher, Bill Niven
Wood Duck, Bill Niven
Northern Shoveler, Bill Salisbury
Lorraine Sayas
Cindy Niven Perciak
Blue Heron, Jim Ansell

On Causeway
Bob Jones
Lotus, Mari Mann
Lotus, Jane Brumley
Lotus, Rod Mann
Hibiscus (Rose Mallow), Jane Brumley
Hibiscus , Jane Brumley
Michael Hiser

Jane Brumley - The lotus at the entrance to the Knotts Island causeway are Hindu Lotus. They are not native to our area and were planted by a person renting the house that had previously been owned by a Waterfield. The house was torn down some years ago. It is said that Buddha was born from the bloom of a lotus.

Rod Mann -  Hibiscus are sometimes called marsh mallow. The rarer pink ones are called pink mallow. They have been hybridized considerably. The Hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii.....so we share something special with those islands out there in the Pacific.