July 13, 2011.


Comment - Rod Mann: In one of the KITV interviews with Roy White and Paul Brumley they were talking about the graveyard that scared them as kids on Brumley Road that contained the Dr. Jones gravestone. I knew what they were talking about and wanted to get over there for some pictures because the property is up for sale again. I also knew that a lot of the stones had been removed in that grove of trees that is dominated by a giant Hackberry Tree.
Melinda Lukei noted one other name at that site in the 90's but I could not find it. There is a lot of brush growth in that area. Just a few feet from his stone is a kind of odd support stone for something that seems to be missing. There are no letters on the larger slab behind it, but I found buried in the ground the smaller piece with the W. on it and leaned it up just to include it in the picture. It may have been part of a footstone. I have included a photograph to show the location relationship of Dr. Jones Grave to the Hackberry tree, but it could have been moved at some point aside from falling over.

Comment - Melinda Lukei: This cemetery has a long history of abuse. Around 1980-1985 the stones were removed and put in a barn because the property was for sale and the cemetery was in the front yard. I checked the census and the dates in the 1850 census say that Edward was born in 1819 and his wife was born in 1827. In 1860 census E. W. Jones is 40 yrs old born in 1820 and wife Mary is 31 born in 1929 and two children are listed John Jones age 13 and William Jones age 12.. However on the 1870 census he is born in 1815 and she was born in 1818. The 22 of July 1843 he married Miss Mary E. Moore. N. Brock, her guardian, gave consent for the marriage in Currituck, NC. The will of Edward Jones in Currituck Co., NC dated 28 April 1874 and probated 4 May 1875. He gives his homestead farm and woods in front of Malachi M. Moore's house laying between Moore's land and Elzy B. Morse's land situated in Virginia and 64 1/2 acres laying in Bailey's Island in Currituck NC to his wife Mary E. Jones during her lifetime. After her death, the farm and all of above to my two sisters Lydia W. Jones and Georgett Jones to be divided. Wife is executrix. Will proved by Col Alex Smith, Calvin B. Cason and Caleb D. White, Dr. P. S. Land, Caleb W. Beasley and John C. Cason. In db 23 page 83 Currituck Co., NC Edward W. Jones and John B. Jone sell to D. Simmons and D. P. Simmons 300 acres on Knotts Island known by the name of Walks Island Marsh and Knotts Island Channel. (I didn't put down the date of that deed but it was around 1841.) The records do not let you establish an exact date of his birth.

Comment - Melinda Lukei: Dr. Edward W. Jones was the son of Colonel John B. Jones and his 2nd wife Elizabeth Watters. He was a medical doctor on Knotts Island and is buried on Brumley Road. I could not trace his children John in census but also referred to Jonathan M. Jones born 1847 and William B. Jones b 1848. William married a Julia E. or C. born 1859 (from census records only) Col. John B. Jones born 1796 married 26 Sept 1816 Elizabeth Watters born 1800 the daughter of David Watters. was the son of Malachi Jones and Lydia (don't know her maiden name). Malachi's will was dated April 1821 and probated Feb 1822 wb 8 page 121 Currituck Co., NC, Lydia's will was probated 21 June 1826 wb 3 page 215. Malachi was in the war of 1812, I didn't find that he served in the Revolutionary war but he might have. I know his brothers Taylor, Jr did serve in the Rev. War. ( I believe the other sons all served in the war of 1812.) Malachi was the son of Taylor Jones, Sr (will probated 11 Aug 1780) who was Captain in the Knotts Island Militia, War Justice in 1775 and a field Major of the 1st Regiment of the Militia. He married Sarah Bonney daughter of John Bonney (d 1766) Sarah gives her son David Jones a negro 26 Feb 1798 db 8 page 61 in Princess Anne Co., VA. Taylor Jones, Sr was the son of Cornelius Jones and Elizabeth Taylor Cornelius's will was dated 14 Aug 1749 and probated Jan 1750 Currituck Co., NC married 17 June 1715 Elizabeth Taylor daughter of Thomas Taylor (will dated 20 Aug 1734 wp 5 July 1736. (from Grimes North Carolina Wills, page 373.) and his wife Easter. This Cornelius bought land from Solomon White in 1737 on Knotts Island that seems to be the Brumley house on Brumley Road. (That's why I believe that Cornelius built boats on the left side of that house. Cornelius Jones was the son of Richard Jones who was bought to this country before 1646. Cornelius Lloyd received land Nov 1646 recorded 15 Dec 1646 for paying Richard's way to this country. Richard's wife was Rachael Cornelius who gets land at the same time Richard does 20 April 1682. This land was listed as in Knotts Island in Lower Norfolk County, VA. and records are found in Chesapeake, VA today. Cornelius was a boat Captain and built his own boats.