Brian C. Delfenthal

P.O. Box 94
Knotts Island, NC 27950
(252) 429-3080

This is Brian in his Knotts Island studio holding the first duck he ever carved.
Brian is a young carver at 20. He was 16 when he started carving and has proved to possess and gift for the craft. At age 17, one of his pieces earned him a Third Place award at the 1998 Virginia Beach Waterfowl Art Show. This was quite an accomplishment against so much experienced talent.

Here at his bench, Brian carves his birds out of Tupelo wood. Occasionally, he uses Juniper wood when he carves his "antiques". Whether he's carving the individual feathers of a full decorative or painting the plumage of one of his "slicks", Brian pays meticulous attention to detail like that found in the work of his mature colleagues.

These are two of Brian's slicks. They are named for the smooth finish. The plumage has been painted on and the details must be seen to be appreciated. This photo doesn't show them completely. The finish on these pieces is beautiful and it's irresistible to pick them up and pet them. These ducks sell for about $35.00. There are times when the price of a piece is a little higher or lower due to its particular unique quality.

These are examples of working decoys with an "antique" on the far left. They are bigger than the slicks, perhaps a foot or so long. They sell for $45.00. Again, it is occasionally necessary to adjust the price of a particular bird.

This Hooded Merganser is an example of a full decorative bird. The feathers are individually carved and by using flat finish paints, Brian has created a piece that looks like it could fly off the bench. This bird is competition grade, meaning that it has been balanced to float correctly. This bird will sell for $350.00. They require much more time than the others to complete properly and are usually carved by request.

More will be photographed and featured later.

These birds, and others, can be purchased by calling Brian. He'll pay the postage when he sends them to you. He invites special orders and can satisfy most requests. His phone number is (252) 429-3080. Or you can e-mail him.

Our photos can't properly depict these charming pieces. If you purchase one of these birds, we're sure you'll love it. In fact, how's this? When you receive your decoy, take a day or so to examine it. If you don't think you made the right decision, send the decoy back, in its original condition, to Brian. Use the same shipping method that he sent it to you, and he'll send your money back with the cost of postage. We think any duck you buy from Brian will end up on a shelf in your home.

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